IAT Update now available for ACH Bind

Frequently asked questions about IAT.

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Barrington Corporation was established in 1989 to develop and publish ACH Origination software, ACH for the PC™ and ACH Bind™. While originally developed to meet the needs and price range of small to medium sized financial institutions, our software benefits financial institutions of any size. Both UMACHA and the Federal Reserve have approved our software. We also have a relationship with a number of the Regional Federal Reserve Bank's, and they keep us informed of any format/rules changes required with respect to Fedline and more specifically-wire transfer.

Barrington Corporation is a division of InterceptEFT, a national leader in payment-processing services and software since 1989.

Barrington introduces BankEFT (WebACH Manager)

Bank EFT is a secure (SSL) integrated delivery portal for ACH transactions. With BankEFT, the Financial Institution will be able to take advantage of the internet for the creation and management of ACH transactions. Developed by our team of ACH Professionals with over 15 years of ACH solution experience, you will now be able to offer your customers a needed service to help ensure their deposits remain with your Financial Institution. Click here for more information.

Barrington Corporation is secure

Barrington Corporation makes the security of your data a top priority. Barrington Corporation uses the latest technology to deliver you a safe and secure environment. We regularly test our systems for security, and we have an outside agency audit our technology and procedures to ensure that Barrington Corporation has the ability to provide great service even in the event of an unplanned disaster.

Updated 10/05/2009